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MEH 08 Spring 2023 Flyer 8-5x11.png

2008 MEH, SPRING 2023

In the spring of 2023, MEH will have its first 08’ team.  Spring is a great time to learn more about a team and program and for the team and program to learn more about a player. 

We will be holding our tryouts on:  

WEDNESDAY APRIL 12, 2023 – 6:30pm & 8:00pm KVIH South.

Players will be assigned to one of two times on April 12th.

Cost:   $20.  Goalies Free.   Goalies will be selected from the goalie only tryout.


TUESDAY APRIL 11, 2023 -  6:00PM KVIH.

Cost:  $40.  Goalie tryout and Eval conducted by Jimmy Blanchard/Michigan Elite Hockey

All players must register for the tryout.  We will not allow walk in's for skaters or goalies.



Coming out of the Tryouts - Players will be drafted to one of 6 teams.

15 Skaters and 2 Goalies per team.  We will have reserve players as well. 


The season runs for a full 7 weeks.  Each team will play 12 total games.

Full ice games with Refs.   A Michigan Elite Jersey is included and yours to keep.


Teams 1, 2, 3 will have their first practice on April 15th at the KV Ice House in Brighton.

Teams 3, 4, 5 will have their first practice on April 16th at the KV Ice House in Brighton.

What team you are on will be decided after the tryouts on April 12th.    

The First game is on April 22nd.   The Final game on June 4th.   We will NOT be skating the weekend of May 27 & 28th due to the Memorial Day Holiday.

Games on Saturday evenings at either:   3:30pm.   5:00pm.  6:30pm

Games on Sunday afternoons at either.  3:00pm.   4:30pm.  6:00pm


Total cost of the 2 month spring season is $600.   Payable in two $300 payments. April & May.

Select teams will be formed from players IN OUR LEAGUE.  These are completely optional.  There is no tryout for a select team.   


Select teams will be formed to compete against Tier 1, Tier 2 and HS.   Players will be determined by the coaches for each Select team.   There is NO obligation to play in these. 



GM:  Michael Wainwright


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